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What is Reiki, Anyway? A Podcast with IANW Radio

Ever wonder what Reiki even is? You and everyone else on the planet — at least that’s how it feels when I say: Hey friend, I practice Reiki.

If you’ve ever stopped at the word “Reiki” and wondered what the hell that could be, own a crystal or two (or none at all), like dealing with stress in ways that don’t cause chaos, or have ever wondered how emotions affect your health, this podcast is for you.

I teamed up with the lovely Krista Xiomara from I’m Awake! Now What? (IANW) to tell you what Reiki even is, and why you should care.

Hit the button below to learn some overdue Reiki knowledge:

(But also mindset tips, my personal take on energy and why it isn’t ‘woowoo’ at all, and how to manifest your way out of stressful situations)

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I’m Awake! Now What? Episode 24

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