Long time no talk

Hello world, it’s been a while. Pardon my extended absence, I’ve been taking some time to recharge and collect my thoughts after my time as a weed-baby 

There is a lot of time to think on a wifi-challenged hill, nope, no reception either. I don’t think I realized how much social media distracts a person from looking at themselves until I took a non-negotiable break from it. 16 hours a day of monotonous work that seems to give you no room for anything but to look at yourself. I also may have counted pi to the end somewhere along the line and there was jusssst enough time for about eight existential crises. Well, after that much reflection you could have said I was shook, a lot of things that were important to me weren’t anymore and my creative direction seemed pretty hollow.

Those that know me have the general understanding that my mind and direction look more or less like the crypto market, but to me there was something about this pivot that was different. I took a couple months off, I’ve hardly interacted, I wanted to get back to me and what I really wanted to say.

So what does that entail? Well, I’m over the social media bullshit. No more Instagram tips and tricks or “peak times to post” or hashtags outside the range of a searchability function. It’s fucking stupid, that’s the end of it and I am literally boycotting any knowledge of “what works best”. There has to be some way to be organic in this realm and if there is, I’m going to find it.

Respect to the hustlers, the entrepreneurs, and the businessfolx, trust me I mad respect a business mind, but there’s a part of me that feels there’s something missing in the constant push to “beat the algorithm”. We’re missing the point, focusing too much on details that take us away from our craft. If you’re good at what you do, if you have a sick brand, if aesthetics give you life, if you work harder and worry less, it will happen. Honestly, just stop overthinking it.

Put more you, of what you really think instead of what’s considered ‘palatable’. Say something loud. Lose followers. Fuck an algorithm. Post at 2am. More of who you are, your favorite shit, and your feelings, what really turns you up and on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘cast a wide net’. Oh YES, that could work, if our favorite collective flavor was bland and avocado toast was really even that good. Stand out, say something not so socially acceptable as long as it’s your own.

Yes, we all hate on buying followers and ad-posts where we can tell the influencer doesn’t even use the product, but those are the obvious things. I think we can get more personal than that. What are YOU doing in the day-to-day to be more authentic in the social media sphere? Have you dug down deep and been vulnerable? Have you posted something that is real human lyfe and doesn’t contribute to the ever-present “my-life-is-perfect-and-awesome” social media bull? Why don’t we think of it as, for every real moment we put out there, the universal state of mental health goes up a notch; that for every time we show that no one’s life is perfect, and between the cool and exemplary are moments of doubt and confusion, a natural spring bursts forth from the severe California drought that is humanity on social media. Sound good or…?

This is where my head’s at as I’m moving to Japan.

Literally right now. Actually on the plane.

I want to contribute to reality and humanity. I want to take away from the idea that social media is a highlight real and a business, and especially the idea that you have to play by those rules to be successful. In this realm of over complication and missing the point, I want to cut the white noise and get back to why we do what we do.

See y’all out there,

Chels ⚡

Photos by the ever-talented @jambaju