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Issa Look – How to Wear Luxe Pieces Everyday

Welp, I guess we’re doing this.

You know, I never really wanted to be a style blogger. I mean, I did – who wouldn’t want to be fashion incarnate and build something style inspired that pays the bills?

But, being one of many, literally screaming in a crowded room? That part not so much. The Aries in me (first in the zodiac) wouldn’t really stand for being late to the party.

I also may have been afraid of looking uh… silly. It’s funny how our truest talents (humbly) are what we’re most afraid to put in front of people. Whether it’s because they’re so close to your identity it feels like you’re letting people step inside and critique a piece of you (with opportunity for maximum sensitive-girl damage) or because whatever your skill is feels so second nature it couldn’t possibly be special, right? Or even because, from the outside, you think it doesn’t fit your other interests and may not make sense. Either way, it’s all good old fashion self sabotage for maximummm expression repression. (You like that alliteration or what?)

So, in the spirit of flipping the bird to my subconscious (not all of it, just the part that keeps me scared), along with an overwhelming response to some style related posts I put out there: we doin’ it – and I don’t really care if it doesn’t make sense.

So style is a thing now at Uncouth Youth – I mean, just add it to the unorthodox mix, amiright? Like, since when does a doctor model? And care about style? And wear neon? And talk makeup?

Yep, uncouth is in the name, thanks.

On to the good shit:

My style? Livable extra. Think bright colors and pattern mixing and crop tops, with just enough “relaxed” to get away with it.

I mean honestly, look at this. Should I call it… bubblegum-pop death angel? (Thinking about my combat boots and how sick they’d look with this + my leather jacket)

The outfit if Scary + Baby Spice had a really chic lovechild?

San Francisco Cher? The one from Clueless though (as if). All that’s missing is a tinyyy pink handbag with feather fringe trim.

I threw this look together somewhat on accident, let’s be honest (see, told you I wasn’t qualified).

But, there was a little method to my dressing-down-the-fabulous madness, and I don’t mind sharing.

I knew this top wasn’t exactly a jean look. Maybe it could work with some wide leg, faded, cropped/distressed edge shit… maybe. Other than that, I knew I’d have to pair it with some pants that brought down the particularly *luxe* aspect of this green number from Choosy if I wanted to wear it during the day: enter these plaid mom pants from UO.

But then, I’m me, so I had to luxxxe it up again with this layered jewelry look via Readymade and Baublebar, also adding some white, kitten-heeled, pointed mules for a dash of feminine (these are from Banana Republic, go figure).

In order to balance it again, I added some sport with the contrast strap on my Quay bag. I never prefer to go completely femme, and a pinch of sport kicks up the androgyny and brings a night look down to everyday wearable real fast.

PS, I got this guy on sale for $15ish, always down for the stealll. I’ll make sure to shout it out the next time I find a deal.

And since I love me some lime green + animal print (v Scary Spice), I done wrapped my I’m With The Band Headband in Bebe around the strap – leopard af.

Even more animalz plus a pop of complementary color? Yes, please. Enter these pink tortoiseshell shades from Kimono. 

Voila, a mix-match of styles that balances each other out and somehow just fuckin’ works – and there’s definitely more where that came from.

I’m loving showing womxn new ways to be originally them, via being proudly and unconventionally me. I guess it may make more sense being a part of the blog than originally thought….

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Excited to be colorful with you.

XO Chelsea