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How Do I Know So Much About Health? – I Knew You Were Curious

Photos by Vu Phan

Do y’all know my story?

It’s one of those “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” spins.

I’m doing it anyway.

Today I remembered where I came from. I connected with an extremely woke primary care doctor and she asked, “What would be different if we as primary care doctors, didn’t discredit wellness practitioners? What if we respected what they had to offer and worked with them without this chasm in the middle?”

Only, everything.

This dug up a lot for me. A lot that many a people could benefit from knowing — but here I am forgetting it even happened.

Do you ever forget your story? Or how interesting you are? Or how unique your life experience is?

It feels like another lifetime, honestly — or alternate universe or matrix or whatever — but we have to remember how educational (way more than books or classes) hearing a first person account can be.

So yes, I’m complex — fashion and modeling and writing. But this, this is why I health, and always will.

Keep in mind, I’m not here for a pity party.

I ain’t about no tiny violins.

Believe it or not, all of this is fact. Hopefully you can see yourself in this somewhere, and realize just how much better it’s possible to feel.

When I was 8 I started having seizures. No one knew why. I also felt like shit nearly every second of every day. I felt so bad — groggy, unfocused, lightheaded — that my cheer squad called me “stoner cheerleader” because I was so perpetually spacey, apparently. (Or because they were just teenage assholes? Ionno)

(Western) Doctors were stumped. Although, in my opinion they did very little digging. Only epilepsy tests, then you quit? Come on.

Leave it to my grandma, the “everything is figure-out-able” type that she is, to put a name on it. (Before the internet, even. She used actual BOOKS)

Turned out I was having low blood sugar seizures.

During this time, multiple other people in my family, including my grandmother, had started to feel sick in a similar way. Cool.

We all had chronic low blood sugar, turns out. Actually, what means is I couldn’t eat any sugar. Or carbs or grains, essentially. I couldn’t even eat fruit! (My body would make too much insulin in response to carbs/sugar sending my blood sugar lower than before I ate anything at all. You know, if you wanted the technical information). Only protein and fats could pass these lips, and this was before anyone gave a shit about Paleo.

This was as also a kid. As a teenager. Like, please imagine what you ate as a teenager for a sec. Sleepovers were hellish, parties at school, I couldn’t eat school lunches, the list goes on.

When I didn’t eat for 5 hours, I passed out and seized. When I ate sugar, same thing. Sleepovers were hard, trips were even harder. My life was defined by how many protein-snacks I remembered to pack.

But the worst part was my moods. Y’all know the term “hangry”? When you haven’t eaten for so long your blood sugar starts to dip so you’re excessively angry, more easily depressed, light-headed and feeling like ass? This was me EVERY day. I have zero relationships to speak of from my teenage years, mostly because nobody could stand me lol. I was a bitch, but mostly just resentful of normal people with their normal pizza and their normal energy levels. I’d say one in 10 days I had a ‘good’ day: “Mom I felt good today, I actually didn’t feel dizzy in my last class!”


But WHY did I have wildly low blood sugar? (Or a high insulin response, in actuality). Nobody — especially my doctors — thought to think that far. In fact, they didn’t even believe me. “Low blood sugar can’t be chronic.” I heard that more times than I have fingers, but probably even more if I didn’t end up with those fingers in my ears. Also exhibited: rolled eyes, telling looks, and giving zero shits. From people who were meant to help me.

Well apparently, assholes, it (low blood sugar) can.

If you don’t feel great, there’s always a reason. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum, my dudes.

10 years later, at the beginning of the “gluten-free” surge, I finally got answers.

“Omg but flour is in everything, what a weird allergy,” I thought.

Ohhh the irony.

Long story short, I slowly discovered that a GLUTEN allergy was the root cause of my seizures. GLUTEN. And my moods, and my inability to eat sugar.

I’d like that to sink in for the haters. Next time you feel like teasing someone for giving a shit about their health, don’t. Also, after working in restaurants for years, I feel compelled to say: Hey servers, people don’t have to qualify their allergies for you. You’re cancelled.

So, anyway — I cut it out, and haven’t had a seizure since. Not one. I can also eat sugar and not immediately die. Aka — I’m a human again! Living a real human experience, eating real human food (and indulging, sometimes).

Now cut to one of the most (maybe unecessarily?) stressful periods of my life:  

When I went back to college. I was an overachiever af, wearing myself down and stressing out. Doing TOO much (bad Chelsea).

Adrenals y’all, for real. I’ll explain.

Come to find out much much later, that being stressed out and having adrenal fatigue, actually causes you to contract allergies.

But, for now, we’ll remember that the Chels in this story doesn’t know.

Let’s consider this the second chapter. This is when I started becoming allergic to everything. EVERYTHING. I could literally only eat chicken and greens — no corn, nuts, seeds, any oils from nuts/seeds (canola, sunflower, safflower, coconut, peanut???), dairy, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, all seasonings (chili, mustard, pepper, cumin, etccccc) , or chocolate. It got so bad I was malnourished, my skin was turning purple. I was a mess, I had to drop out of school.

I tried everythingggg “normal”. Allergist, Gastro, Internist — the works. They all gave me pats on the head and said “That sucks, bye!” No solutions, advice, or anything other than a dip in my insurance money.

Me being the feisty little lady I was, though, knew this was not going to be the rest of my life (which at that point I estimated to be up until about… 30 years). The way I saw it, it couldn’t be anyone’s fate to feel this shitty.

Finally, I found this woman who did something called NAET. She claimed to reverse allergies.


At that time I didn’t believe in acupuncture, and especially not acupressure, or anything that couldn’t give me numbers and facts, really. I thought it was well wishes and placebo.


I went and saw her, (because what did I have to lose, really?) and the rest is history.

We reversed all of my allergies (including environmental) with acupressure, and in only about four months (except for gluten, that would have been about 70 more treatments and I decided it wasn’t worth it for me). I got a second job and went two-three times a week to cut this thing out REAL quick . My entire summer was about healing, I was dead set.

My body completely changed. Every single time I saw her something changed that had been there my whole life. In high school, I couldn’t even hit a volleyball over a net I had so little upper-body strength. Skin and bones, even though weightlifting was part of our training regimen. After my third treatment with her, I had more muscle than I ever had in my life, even though I hadn’t been to the gym in months. My body’s ability to use protein completely changed, and so did my body and muscle content. Turns out, I’d had these allergies on a low level most of my life, keeping my body from being what it was meant to be.

I lost the weight that hung in strange places — didn’t even try. The deep lines on my neck I’d had for years? They faded completely. My skin glowed, all of my acne went away. My digestion was PERFECT and all of my mental fog — gone.

I went from being the weakest of anyone I knew — the most likely to get sick, feel awful, be the reason we couldn’t do something — to being one of the strongest, and most kickass. Other people felt sick and I didn’t. Other people were tired and I wasn’t. I felt better than I had since I was fucking eight. It was a whole new world, y’all.

That was when I said, “Hey, doctor lady, how would someone do what you do? I think I might want to be a doctor lady, too”. So, she took me on as her apprentice, simple as that. I saw cancer reversed without chemo, even more allergies completely go away, and lots of people feeling better despite ‘normal’ doctors telling them “that’s just how it is for you, now”.

That’s when I learned EVERYTHING is figure-out-able, and nothing is permanent. I’ve lived this, y’all. I know from experience, not just books.

Now I’m in this world of creative doers, watching them struggle along, and not have the information to feel (and do) better. I’m not down for it.

That’s why this channel exists. I want to show people and creatives alike how good it feels to feel good, and bring them whatever information they need to get there.

You’ll never hear, “That sucks, bye!” from me.


Surprised? I knew it.

Y’all know where I’m coming from now?

But also, did this help you? Do you see what holistic medicine can really do?

Comment below and tell me two things you want to see more of on Uncouth Youth — the things that would help you, specifically. Whether it’s adrenal fatigue, anti-aging, non-toxic products, or something I haven’t gotten to yet; I want to hear from you.

Then, share this with a friend (button below) who needs to hear that anything is possible.

XO, Chels