Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

Ah, fashion week, an event I was so ecstatic to attend and fuckinn thrilled to be included in as PRESS.

I had apparently jumped on the bandwagon a little late to be a registered blogger for all events – I was still getting my bearings as of the February 26th deadline apparently – but upon sending a smattering of emails to the brands I REALLY wanted to see, I ended up being personally invited to four, covering them as a blogger. Fortune favors the bold, or the annoying maybe?

Needless to say I will not be waiting until the last minute come Spring Fashion Week (aka the one that takes place in the fall). Y’all know I’ll have my looks picked out by July, easy.

Although my AFWT plans got off to a rocky start via my ‘wait, will I even get to go?!’ panic, it was all rectified in vibes and free champagne, don’t you fret.

The locations didn’t disappoint either. There were some shows that took place on rooftops, in store fronts, in Harajuku, barefoot in the grass, etc etc but the main venue resides right in the middle of Shibuya at a place called HIkarie Hall – a 34 story building with panoramic views of the city and a culture scene that don’t quit. Year round it is host to artists showcasing their work in private galleries plus a creative co-working space – members only.

Where the event really starts, though? Outside Hikarie among the epic street style looks of attendees. My casual stroll for lunchtime sushi was filled with lolitas, holographic PVC, and hair of every color. Not to mention platform shoes to my waist and Supreme Supreme Supreme – the pre-show, show.

I attended shows Wednesday through Saturday of our fair Tokyo Fashion Week, my first being Perminute by Yoshiki Hanzawa.

The hall was dark and crowded and the music bright and booming. It seemed Hanzawa took a softer approach to his A/W collection after the bright colors, high contrast, and slightly sharper silhouettes of his S/S looks.

The collection was what I would call ‘soft-structured’. It was feminine with high necklines, flowing layers, and a penchant for well placed draping. He offset the softness and feminity with pops of color in all the right places. The takeaway? Looks for the feminine woman with a statement to make.

My next show was RBTXCO by Teppei Higashi. This was a presentation and a show. The event opened with a traditional drum set, which was joined by one of the models half way through, setting the rest of the show to a mix of passionate drumming and ethereal beatboxing. It complimented Higashi’s line effortlessly with it’s mix of traditional and modern influence.

Eclectic pairings of streetstyle, kawaii (a uniquely Japanese concept), and old world materials prevailed in his A/W line. Fur, animal skulls, teddy bear ephitage’s, box-y silhouettes and floral prints. Sound like a difficult combination to imagine? Well thanks to Teppei Higashi, it was the perfect meld of old and new, surprising but effortless. It could definitely be construed as a homage to Japan, and such a unique take in that.

It was easy to tell that Higashi is an artist and really endeavored to offer an experience in the presentation of his A/W line.

Paradox by Rie Tobita is a line for Men and Women. The show opened with a dance number offset by stobes and neon, the music and environment dark and intense. It set the stage for the collection as a gritty, elevated streetwear brand with a rock and roll twist. An almost tactical feel in some looks; Tobita employed straps and combat boots plus ultimately practical materials.

Streetstyle, effortlessly cool, bright colors, fleece bombers, and puffy coats, ooh la la.

This was me as a clothing line tbh and I could have worn these looks right off the runway, my gritty heart was exploding.

The show itself was a blast, the clothes fresh, and the mood that of and a dramatic NYC runway.

Theatre Products by Akira Takeuchi and Miwa Morita – A menswear collection inspired by the ‘New York working man’.

Dapper, dapper, and again… dapper. This line had a lot of surprises yet still managed to work together as a cohesive collection. With everything from highly tailored suits, the ultimate in relaxed casualwear, and even a fiery red puffer jacket, I would say sustaining a common thread involved visionary prowess.

The show was fun from start to finish, opening with a DJ and a modern beat-boxing number, and ending with a dramatic ‘black out’ punctuating the models final walk.

Ugh the inspiration, ugh the energy and fashion vibes and ughhh the excuse to be next level posh in Shibuya. Dreams do come true.

Yes, primarily my blog and written works are about depth and inner mastery, and though those are the topics that ultimately light me up, I have always been a huge believer in partaking in the seemingly ‘frivolous’ – I call it fun therapy.

Do not get me wrong, never would I associate frivolity with the designers and their work, they obviously approach it with an artist’s mindset and take it very seriously (in true Japanese form). I am more speaking on the idea of ‘shallowness’ surrounding the fashion industry and how I learned to let go of the idea that I couldn’t be an evolved person if I enjoyed ‘superficial’ things like fashion, champagne, and boujee parties.

I think it’s important to not take ourselves too seriously, and to allow ourselves to freely enjoy what we love no matter how it’s generally perceived. My platform may be personal development, but that doesn’t mean indulgence can’t be growth oriented or topical

Everything I do is for the sake of growth, even – or especially – if it has no meaning at all. There is an art to enjoying one’s life and I intend to become full pro.

Shallow? No no no no, fun.